Half & Half bog? I Need to know if it'll work.

pigpenpond(z5 Ma)April 28, 2005

I'm so confused by all of this bog info!

I've read to use peat, perlite, soil, sand and gravel...and any combination of them that you can think of!!!

My bog will not be acting as a filter but more of an overflow collection from the pond. It's going to wrap around my waterfall and fill a 4' gap between my pond and the fence that will run about 8 ft in length.

I was thinking that I would create a berm of excavated soil to separate from the pond, line the entire bog, and put a few punctures in the liner for drainage. (Is that wrong?)

THen i plan to fill the first 2' wide section with gravel and maybe a few river rocks, and plant some carnivorous plants & maybe some money wort.

For the remaining area, I am thinking I'll just mix together the soil with some gravel & peat, and plant calla lilies, cranberries, maybe even try some celery and asparagus?

Behind the pond is still very wet but decreasingly so, i want to add some peat & sand to the soil & try blueberries and raspberry shrubs.

Does anybody see any flaws in this?

Ive never been able to grow anything i planted but I really really want my pond & bog to work! HELP!

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Mary_in_CA(Calif (zone 9))

I think blueberries like really sandy soil with very good drainage.

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