Need new winter lawn for dogs

GoofyYno(8)October 14, 2011

we are almost finished remolding out back yard. I need to put something on the side of the house for the dogs and kids to play in. I was reflexively going to use rye, but I was wondering if there was a better option which would be less likely to suffer the ill effects from the dogs output yet still be soft enough for the kids to play football on?

also, If I do use rye, do I seed it on the dirt just like when I over seeded my bermuda (which is not in yet)?

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How much sun will this area get?

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It is about a 15 foot wide section on the east side on my house- blocked on the other side by a neighbor. I guess it gets partial sun.

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Rye would be a good choice to get you though the winter.

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