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HollyBee123February 21, 2013

Hi there :)

I have inherited this begonia from a friend who sadly passed, so will do anything in my power to keep this plant alive!

As you can see it is quite leggy (And quite old I think too!) so need to prune it, but i'm very scared to do so! It didnt like living in my kitchen (too dark..) but seems to prefere my light warm bathroom. Some of the leaves went brown in the first couple of weeks...don't think I was watering it enough?

Its trying to flower at the minute so I'm guessing this isn't the best time to do it? But when the time comes..how far down do I cut, do I cut at an angle? Above or below the segments on the stem? Help!

Not got the best track record with plants...(other than cactus and spider plants :) ) So was also thinking of taking a cutting in case the worse happens...any tips?

Am I right in believing it is a cane type? I could see it was begonia like...but not like the usual ones I see so took me a while to find out what it was. Any ideas on its name?

Thanks in advance!

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Another pic

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Hi! Yes! it is a cane, and it looks like a begonia "Lucerna." O wouldn't necessarily prune it back-- but you easily could, and you can root the cuttings in either water or soil. It's good to take the cuttings just below one of the joints. If it were up to me, I'd actually pot it up and give it some more room to grow. I know for myself, mine never thrived until I discovered putting it outside in a shady spot during the warmer temps. Suddenly, that thing shot up and went crazy with new canes and blooming :) So it sounds like your light and warm bathroom is what it likes.

Good luck!

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