Beefsteak (I think) begonia and drooping - why?

tntiradaFebruary 6, 2009

Hello all,

Below is a link to what I think is a beefsteak begonia. Its leaves are drooping pretty drastically. Can you tell if I'm just not supporting it enough? Or might it not be getting enough water? Or light? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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It could be not enough light, over watering, under watering, or humidity. It looks fine to me but if you want it to look better then give it more light, fertilize it if you haven't recently, check the soil for moistness (too much or too little), and maybe add more humidity if it seems too dry for you. Longer days should get it to growing again since it may just be taking a winter's rest.

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Hi, I think it looks very nice and healthy..
maybe its a little to big for the pot..maybe a new pot and new soil if you think its a little limp..
I have one too, it looks like a beef steak but it isn't..
it looks a little limp and the pot is small and very little soil I have to give it a new pot...
good luck..linda

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I wouldn't pot it up until it is actively growing again unless the the plant is in serious decline.

Here is a picture of my big one from this summer and Xmas Eve. It has dropped lots of leaves since then but otherwise the rhizomes look plump and healthy.

Xmas Eve


June showing new leaves

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Thanks for the advice! It's definitely healthy (so far), but it looked weird to me since most of leaves are reaching for the ground rather than the sky. Sounds like I should wait for spring to maybe repot and do some fertilizing. The pot it's in is pretty small!

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If you have to water once a day or more often then it probably won't hurt to repot it since watering can get tedious. I'd start some new plants from it before repotting though for some insurance against total loss.

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