Anyone Growing Butterbur?

Dirty_Knees(NC Z8a)April 12, 2003

I've just introduced this plant (petasites hybridus) to my new bog garden. Does anyone have any tips or maintaining or keeping this plant happy? I've also put in gunnera, acorus, variegated rush, louisiana iris, japanese water iris, elephant ear, lizard's tail, among other boggy plants. (The bog is 15 x 8 1/2 feet approx dimensions and 28 inches deep with stepped side along the back) Receives pretty much full sun after 11:00 and will be in semi-shade around 3:30. Thanx!

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jasson(z8 Vanc BC Can)

I grow petasites japonicus var 'variegatus' - butterburr is somewhat invasive, as long as the soil is damp and there is enough shade or indirect light it will do well.
I notice that mine kind of droops when it is in the sun but will perk back up as it moves back into shade. You have it growing in a bog garden which is good - it likes lots of moisture in the soil, I don't think it likes to sit in water though. After several years, you will find that it spreads everywhere - the roots just keep spreading everywhere through the garden. The bloom is quite interesting - it will appear very early in spring before the leaves do, it looks like a greenish white ball and is on a stem about 6 inches high.

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Dirty_Knees(NC Z8a)

Thanks jasson...I'd read that it can get invasive, too, but I can deal with that later. I was just concerned about it getting too much sun. I've also planted a smoke tree to one side to provide additional shade without overwhelming the area. Until that gets established I'll provide artificial screening. Hopefully by next year the sun won't be a huge problem, not that it is now, as other plants mature in the landscaped area. I'm really jazzed about adding this feature to the gardens!

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You can eat it to keep it under control...


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dirty knees, i grow petasites japonicus here in z6. if you plant it in sun it will wilt every afternoon in the heat of summer. i put one of those dining canopies over mine and it works great. if you plant it among other plants, the roots will overtake the others and crowd them out. i planted mine in a separate bed, and just mow the unwanted sprouts. you could plant them in one bog with a liner, plant your other plants next to it but outside the liner. also, they easily transplant when the sprouts are small ~~~under a foot, so you can take your spread and put it elsewhere. i dont think you can overwater or over- fertilize . mine started as a 3 inch pot 3 years ago and now is a 10 foot patch, standing over 5 foot tall, with leaves 36 inches across. if you e mail me with your e mail address, i will send you a link to my photos online ~~~i can never get them posted here. susgarden

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LaBella(Z7 BC)

I grow Butterbur here in a shade garden and it does spread!
Really to keep it in check I dig up and pot some of the young shoots 3 times a season. Mine flower in the early, early spring but come up a deep burgandy and develop fluffy white seeds that spread far and wide. I snip off the flowers now before they seed reaches viable to prevent spread. Seems to me that the older ones die off after 2-3 seasons and the younger ones replace them, other than that they are soooooooo tough.

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nenna(z7 OR Pacific N)

I grow my petasites in a whiskey barrel (having been warned about it spreading a lot into lawns from flower beds). Mine are in full sun, and seem to be doing OK with just regular watering; they came through temperatures in the 90s.

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care2(z6 CT)

Oh yeah! Mine began their treck at the edge of our property about four years ago. Before long they bounded out of their allotted spot, galloped across the yard, onto the deck, knocked at the door and tried to take root in my living room rug!!! Invasive you say? The good news is their easy to remove and I still love them. They look like dinosaur food!

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I just got my butterbur nd am confused as to how to plant? Does the flat side of the bulb go down or up? Help!

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I am in Australia and looking to grow Butterbur in barrels as suggested by someone else in this forum. Does anyone know if Butterbur propagate ok from seed or is there a better way? What other growing tips should I know?

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Does anyone know where I can get some butterbur? I cant find a decent place that has it this early and I'd like to plant some. I just moved into a new home and have to start my planting all over. Allergy season is here and I'd love to have it again!

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during seaching seeds of Petasites japonicus/Butterbur, i came cross this forum n became the member just now.
i am also looking for their seeds for my garden n grow them to cook. in switzerland, it does exist in wild. thus, in case if
cant get supply of the seeds, i intend to collect their seeds from forest and/or take some roots out n plant it
in my garden. be carefull, their roots are poisous but flowers, stems n leaves are edible.

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Michol Abraham

I want to grow some, but how do I process it so it is not toxic? Just eat the flowers, stems and leaves after drying?

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