tuberous begonias not dormant!

Elizabeth WhiteFebruary 26, 2005

I've got two tuberous begonias (illumination series) under lights in my basement. They are looking pretty ratty (mildewy, etc.), but they just aren't going dormant! I've quit watering them and they seem pretty dry. A third one lost its foliage about 2 weeks ago (and had a decent sized tuber). They were all from seed last summer.

I was hoping to start the tubers up again in about a month or so--but these guys aren't dormant! Should I put them in an even cooler place without any light? I could just cut off the foliage, but it seems that letting them wither might transfer more energy to the tuber.

Will one month of dormancy be enough?



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One month of dormancy should be fine. I would just cut the flower stem back. It is marginal how much more energy you can transfer.

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Dennis134(Northwest UK)

Probably the reason your begonias kept growing, could be the day length you are giving them under the lights. At 12 hours or more growth will continue, get below this and the plants top growth will slow and put the energy into the tuber.Reducing day length more will make them think about going to rest. Should conditions be right, (day length and temperature)growth can continue indefinately.
You have probably cut the foliage down by now, and the tubers should start off without any problem, you could put them onto warmth and they should be growing again in 3 to 4 weeks.
The growth of tuberous begonias like many plants is governed by day length, one of the reasons why growing tuberous begonias in an area nearer the equator is almost impossible.

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