Begonia nelumbiifolia with shell pink flowers?

teeandcee(Florida 9b)February 26, 2013

I was at a nursery today and saw the most beautiful begonia. It had very distinctive round leaves like lily pads. I think it must have been begonia nelumbiifolia. However, the flowers were shell pink. Not blush white but very much pink albeit a light pink.

Can begonia nelumbiifolia have shell pink flowers? Any ideas as to what other begonia it may have been?

The owner of the nursery said it was notoriously difficult to root with cuttings if that helps.

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Don't know about shell pink flowers on nelumbiifolia but it sounds intriguing. A picture would be helpful. How big were the leaves? Was there distinctive veining in the leaf?

B. hernandioides has pink flowers but would look like a small nelumbiifolia without distinct veins for example.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

Like a dummy I didn't take a pic. I'd say the leaves were about 6 inches across on average. My memory is the leaves were fairly smooth, like a lily pad, and very distinctively round (pretty sure it's not B. hernandioides due to this roundness). The flowers were on a tall stalk fluttering above the leaves. Overall the whole plant was about 2 feet across. It may have been a young plant. He's trying to air layer to increase his plants so I'm going to call in a few weeks to see how that's going. I WANT THAT PLANT. :D

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If you get a picture please post it.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

I do plan on going back and will get a pic then and repost. I had my camera and everything that day. :X

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