Has anyone heard of this rex begonia???

showboat93(z8 south Miss.)February 25, 2005

Does anyone know this rex begonia (I think it is a rex??)???

Name: Louise Chretien, supposedly a parent of the heirloom rex, Louise Closson.

What does Louise Chretien look like? Is it still available from some source??



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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Did you get the name from the Thompson book on begonias? It gives just the information you have, but no picture. I think we have a bad habit of 'out with the old' which makes it very hard to find many begonias just because they've been around awhile; sometimes they really are superceded by varieties that are more beautiful or easier to grow, but I think not necessarily. I have not seen it offered, but I find it's very hard to find a lot of very worthy begonias, young and old. Good hunting! You might try the American Begonia Society, perhaps the horticulture correspondant.

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showboat93(z8 south Miss.)

I actually got the information from an online database which I am sure got it from the Thompson book. I don't have the Thompson book...just a couple of rex begonias that I just got and am now coddling. I will check the American Begonia Society. Thanks.


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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

must be the houston astro begonia branch? they are an excellent cite. that's where i've seen it online, too.


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