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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)March 1, 2005

There is a pretty long post on the houseplants forum about record-keeping, including some who write information on the labels, and some people (including me!) who comment on the joys of squirrels and birds and such great helpers who make off with labels. Lately I've been reminded once again of how nice it is to know the names of your plants. Several years ago there was a discussion in The Begonian about a less-common begonia that is quite attractive but none of the growers on the panel/forum/I don't remember what had been able to keep more than two leaves on it. I've got THREE WHOLE LEAVES on mine and I can't remember its name!! How can I brag if I can't tell you what I'm braggin' about!! Probably most of you think having three leaves on a begonia is not exactly a great accomplishment. Another one that's missing a tag is one that I just took the frost blanket off a few days ago. Maybe in a few weeks or a month I'll remember what it is, but now it is just barely recognizable as a begonia by the ONE teeny tiny leaf, not even as big as the end of my little finger, that's all that is left on the short bit of stem after I pruned off all the dead stuff. Don't think I'm bragging about that one--but it is alive and I'm reasonably sure will become something to enjoy later. I think I will get organized enough this spring to figure out how many I have. Still won't know names for a lot of them--too many didn't have names when I got them.

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

lol, isn't it a chore? i used to try to keep track of all my begonias and their status (pics and all) on my member page but i just got plain lazy. i remember what they all are when i look at them, but when other people would come over they would have to ask on every much easier it would be for people just to read a label.
speaking of labels, i like to use laboratory tape (removes cleanly, bright colors, resistant to lots of things) for labeling. it's a lot less to hassle with than plastic tags, plus we have a lot of it lying around here. a bit spendy, though not much more than a stack of tags from a commercial nursery.


Here is a link that might be useful: labeling tape

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

That looks like a great idea, Ming! Pull it off and transfer it to another pot when you pot them on, and they're certainly not expensive compared to a lot of labels I've tried. Bill got some plastic tie-on tapes one time the blue jays thought made excellent nesting material, and they probably cost more than that too. I've never had venetion blinds handy so I've never tried that--some of my plant-trading friends use fast-food utensils, but I seldom eat fast food. I do buy normal plastic labels, but that's not working very well, and I have a bunch of metal markers for outside that have all sorts of horrible things happen to them, and they're much more expensive. I like the idea of being able to peel them off one pot and stick it on the next one especially. Thanks!

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