Illumination begonia from seed

patreesh(5)March 24, 2011

Hi, Has anyone started these from seed? This is the first time I've tried growing these from seed. I didn't sow mine until March 12th and know I should've done it earlier. I'm just beginning to see germination. How long might it take from germination until bloom? Any information would be most helpful!


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I grow a few tuberhybrida from seed every year, starting no later than the end of December because my gh is closed during the coldest part of winter and I have to use my crowded light garden to keep them going after germination. I think you have some work cut out for you and time to try and make up. Make sure they are getting good light, at least l2 or more hours a day, any less and they may go dormant/die as they are tuberous and need long days. Baby them along, feed a little after the true leaves come in, cross your fingers and keep your eyes open. I can't think of any more cliches so will just say even if they don't make plants this year there should be tiny tubers this fall and you can I hope store them and try and start them by next December.

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