Will begonias do okay...

m990540March 20, 2011


I am planning on planting a row of begonias where they will receive just about full sun until 1:30 - 2:00 PM each day. Will that be too much sun? I live in zone 6B/7A and can get either begonias with green or dark green leaves. (I've read that the dark leave begonias do better with more sun.)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

Fibrous begonias will probably be fine if established and with enough water. I have the rose with dark leaves. They get the center of the days sun in summer. I mulch or crowd plants to cover the ground to cut down on weeds and moisture lose. These tough cookies are perennial for me. Begonias are not a true pink, they lean toward the orange side. My companion planting this year will be anything but pink. Blue and white maybe. We have long hot dry summers.

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Thanks for the response! I'll be sure to space them closely together, use lots of mulch, and water a few times a week when it gets hot here. We'll see how they do!

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

I use alyssum last year. Dusty Miller on the left of the pot and the blue flower is scabiosa. The alyssum came with harlequin bugs. By July it was toast. The scabiosa got crowded out. Begonias on the left were form the year before. The right ones were planted that spring. I moved the mandevilla to more shade because the flowers were bleaching out in the sun. I put in a big pot of pink petunias that I had from another location. I didn't like the pinks together. My begonias are starting to come up now. I like the cottage garden mix so will have to figure out companion plants for this year.

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