Fragrant flowers: what do you have?

tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)October 8, 2005

I must admit I chose my roses for the fragrance they (were supposed to) have. I'm somewhat disappointed to have to stick my nose in the bloom to find it. And I'm delighted whenever my gardenia blooms; I can smell that one from a distance!

What do you have in your garden that is pleasing to the eye *and* nose? Have you planted something that you can smell when you walk by? What is the flower that you love most for its fragrance?

Please note if it is an annual, perennial or bulb. (For the lesser educated of the bunch.)

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Arabian Jasmine! The fragrance wafts thru the whole patio. My Brugmansia is spectacular! But only @ night. They both bloom on and off all year ;)

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Zill(z9 AZ)

My Mexican Single Tuberose (rhizome) is finally flowering -- WOW! The (hopefully perennial) dwarf pink Plumeria, the no-name yellow Brugmansia, and the white Datura are winding down after 4 months of fragrant blossoms. The Double Purple Datura is loaded with flowers that smell very OK if you get your nose right up there, and I brought home a scented geranium from the DBG sale on Friday. I really like my clump of spearmint, too. I envy you your gardenia, though. Wish I had a good spot for them.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

I have 2 jasmines that are a little uncommon here and some others that are more common. J. sambac 'Grand Duke of Tuscany' is wonderful, but even better are J. tortuosum and J. molle, both vines and both super fragrant. I adore Salvia clevelandii and Passiflora 'Incense' and tropical water lilies, they catch you as you pass by. Suddenly there's this sweetness in the air and there's the lilies standing proudly up out of the water. The foliage or the sepals, I'm not sure which, of Cordia parvifolia smells like citrus, love it. And of course Hall's honeysuckle. Some of my roses, though I often choose roses for their eye appeal as they lose so much of their fragrance with the lack of humidity. And rosemary smells lovely and Russian sage -sweet and sagey- . Iris, citrus blossom, gardenia. A favorite? You must be joking. :-)

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I have roses. And for Halloween, I have a carrion flower blooming. I was amazed at the odd, square blooms on this succulent growing at the DeGrazia gallery in Tucson. One of the employees gave me a cutting and it's a great plant to attract those who could care less about plants (like my teenage son). "Look- this plant's flowers smell like...garbage!"

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Mmmmmm, carrion flower... Ya gotta wonder about a flower that stinks. Nina, tell me it's not outside your bedroom window!

Zill, I'm not familiar with tuberoses, but after hearing so much about them lately, and especially seeing the photos of the mass of blooms, I think I must want some.

Judy B, I have Hall's honeysuckle; it grew and grew this year and maybe had two blooms early in the season. It is mostly in shade. Does it want more sun to bloom? I *love* the scent of honeysuckle and this is disappointing.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

Tomato, my honeysuckle is in afternoon shade. It blooms heavily in the spring and lightly off and on through the summer. I would guess that yours needs more sun to bloom. They do grow well in shade but, apparently, don't bloom as much.

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

TF, I think if you really want to smell roses without bending down to smell them, you have to do group plantings. I have 42 yellow "Sunpsrite" roses surrounding my front yard. It's never hard to smell them when they are all in bloom. Generally early mornings and late afternoons. Almost anyone who stops and talks to me says, we love walking my your yard, the roses always smell so nice. Sunsprite has a "moderate" fragrance, and to have just one in the yard, you probably couldn't smell it. But add 41 more, and there is no mistaking it :) A wonderful old rose smell with a touch of lemon.

I tried inserting some photo's of this hedge in full bloom, but it looks like the are not allowing us to insert pics in the message body any longer. Anyone else notice that? I get a "regected" message, and they want me to put it in the Optional Link URL and Name of Link area.


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Checking to see if I can post a pic?

It let me Alan, try yours again :)

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I agree - I usually select fragrant plants. I have roses, honeysuckle, arabian jasmine, tuberose, herbs, brumansia and a grove of branching sunflowers. I planted a variety of sunflowers to attract and feed birds. There is one sunflower though that I don't recall planting and it isn't the branching type. The flower is larger than the other types and has a very strong, very sweet, pleasant fragrance. I'm addicted to this one. I saved the seeds rather than leaving them for feed in hopes the seed is true and with luck I'll get some of these to grow again.

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

Hmmmm...Ok, let me try again. Maybe it was just a glitch or something. These are pictures of my 42 yellow Sunsprite roses around the front yard. They fill the entire front yard with a wonderful fragrance. As I said earlier, I think bunching roses of like kind together will give you fragrance without having to bend down and smell the rose. I do have a few though that you can smell without bending down. Just off the top of my head a couple are; Grandma's Hat, Tamora, and Star of the Nile.


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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

OK, Alan, maybe I'm ready to do some more roses! Nothing like that picture to inspire a rose lover. One question: How close together do you plant your roses?

GG, if you discover what your scented sunflower is, please let me know. I love sunflowers and have planted several varieties, but don't remember one that was perfumed.

Judy B and GT, I think I'll go get some jasmine. And hope it blooms!

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

I love my arabian Jasmine. I only have one, and it sits in full sun, and just that one bush does a great job of filling the entire back yard with fragrance.

It depends on the rose that you have on how far you plant them apart. I planted my Sunsprites about 2 feet from each other. Sunsprite tends to stay shorter, so I only hard prune it every other year. It also does not grow real wide, about 2 feet to 2-1/2 feet in diameter, that is why I planted them so close.

The only other rose I can think off that I would love to do a hedge like I did with sunsprite, that has incredible fragrance, and would do well in bunching is Tamora. I would go with rooted cuttings though, instead of grafted plants. The yellow of Sunpsrite looks very nice with my blue house, that is why I chose it over Tamora.


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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

Easy, oh my goodness, my dream is to have an arch with climbing roses... fragrant things?? Gardenia, jasmine, plumeria, roses, and my citrus (if that counts).. the orange blossoms are spectacular... that's all I have planted right now that smells... everyone keep going because it's giving me ideas... :)

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tomatofreak(Z9 Phx USA)

Can anyone think of a fall annual that is fragrant? I'd love to have some sweet-smelling flowers in hanging baskets right outside my door.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

Sweet alyssum, stock, some petunias are fragrant.

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Can you, please tell me what you did to grow the tuberose not to mention to make it bloom?.
This plant was my grandmother favorite(she actually requested to be burried with them,and I took care of that).
I have been trying to grow them for years and they just disapeear, never even growing at all.



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quietyard(Tucson, Az)

For a great smelling fall annual try a bed of stock. They are especially fragrant on cold winter evenings! Linda

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