plants for greywater drainage area

mohub(WNC zone 6)April 23, 2004

I live in the country and chose to reroute the drain water from my kitchen into a side yard. The grass and weeds are doing well despite the soapy water so I was wondering if I could naturalize it with plants

It's on the north side of the house but gets mostly sun.

Would appreciate any suggestions

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bernergrrl(z5 IL)

Do you use natural detergerents? Any products that contain chlorine, etc? I'm curious about this.

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theotbear(z7 SC)

We found the same situation at a home we rented in the Upstate of SC. We had tomato, cucumber, and cantaloupe volunteers to come up from the seeds that washed down the drain. Talk about a suprise.

Since we were on a hill, we never grew a soupy, swampy kinda place that bog plants would be happy in. The veggies seemed very happy as this was the only outside water that we had.

As far as dish detergeant, I used whatever was cheap at the time. I don't remember if I ever used any bleach in the sink, but I'm sorta guessing that I used some sink cleanser that probably contained bleach.

The veggies tasted fine. And the only problem I had with them is that the yard was rather shady so the plants never reached an optimum size.

Check your county code. I know that they changed codes here to prohibit grey water being just dumped on the yard. I don't see what the problem is........but that's me.

Hope this helps,

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Here in N CA plants used to biofilter greywater could include: Scirpus (Tule Reeds), Cattails (Typha, Sedges, yerba beuna, water iris. YOu might want to post in the permaculture forum. Check what wetland plants are native to your area and concentrate on those. Dont use exotics they can spread via birds, wildlife and wreak havoc elsewhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freshwater farms

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