Tecoma Stans Question

milos2(NW Valley)October 5, 2005

Has anyone cut their shrub down to the ground? Transplanted it? I think I made a mistake by planting it between my 2 ficus. I'm afraid it is going to interfer with the canopy growth of the 2 trees. I thought I had a plan.....

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gem1(w.phx 9)

I had one that I had sort of just planted without any planning - outside my kitchen window, no water available - nothing but plain old caliche out there! Anyway, it grew in spite of me, but just slouched over with no upright branches. I cut it almost to the ground, and again, in spite of me it came right back. I have never given this thing any supplemental water - never - even when new - and still it grows!

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

I whacked down my Orange Jubilee and transplanted it at the start of summer. It was a bit offended but is coming back strong.

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desertdi(z9 Tucson)

I have two of these and am thinking of trimming them back to shape them better, but I've never cut them to the ground. Probably if your's is relatively mature you could cut it back pretty far without killing it.

Has anyone planted the seeds in the pods of this plant?

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milos2(NW Valley)

Mine is huge. It was well over the roof line before I pruned it into something of a globe. I don't know what I was thinking planting it between the 2 trees.Probably when it cools a bit I should cut it back and transplant it... just hate to lose it.... one of my favorites....color all the time.I haven't had any seedlings appear and it has been a few years.

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I agree that Tecoma Stans are great plants. On one part of my yard, I've got several of these. They survived the blast furnace all summer w/little irrigation. Another part of my yard, I planted a yellow Mexican bird of paradise and it's still a pathetic twig 6 months later. I'm seriously thinking of ripping those out and putting in Orange or Yellow Bells instead.

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They are easy to grow from seed. Let me know if you need some. I prune mine down every year and it grows back as tall as the roof of our house. sam

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Heres a tutorial that might help a little bit

Here is a link that might be useful: Tachoma Stans

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Zill(z9 AZ)

My Orange Jubilee and Yellow Bells (planted in March) are huge -- about 10' and very full. Should I prune them now, or in the Spring, cutting off any frost damage?

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I'm rather clueless on this subject, but will share my opinion anyway. i think that you should wait to prune until spring.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Good to know that they are easy from seed. I wonder how variable the seedlings are? I guess I need to plant some to find out, heh heh.

I've got four types of tecomas going these days and really like them: Tecoma stans, Tecoma stans angustifolia (the more narrow leaf, shorter-growing yellow bells), Tecoma 'Orange jubilee', and Tecoma 'Sunset' which has nice orange-front, yellow-backed flowers. I guess I'm getting addicted.

I'd be especially curious to see what kind of range the 'Sunset' produces. Guess I'd better get planting, heh heh.

If I prune them, I generally prune mine in early spring. That way your pruning doesn't encourage soft frost-tender new growth in late autumn, and because in really cold winters they can die back a bit, you might as well wait to see what Mother Nature is going to winter-prune anyway.

Take care,

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I was wondering if the seed pods are edible they look like stringbeans? It is a beautiful bush was told to remove the seed pods to get more blooms.

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I have a couple from seed and they didn't come true. the parent is an orange and it sits beside a white at work. I snagged a seed pod and they are yellow, very yellow. I notice the bushes at work seem to change colors with maturity or maybe it is soil properties? I could have sworn the white was a yellow last summer when they were planted!

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Our landscaper suggested this for a very hot area by our patio walkway where we need a small tree to screen neighbors.
Can this be pruned to tree shape? Is there any down side to this plant?

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greenlust(z9 Phx,AZ)

they grow fast. they can be pruned to a tree shape. it gets lot of suckers...shoots growing all over, they need to be removed to get the shape you want. I have some that i kept the main stem and removed all the other stem and the suckers and it grew to a tree shape (one trunk and a canopy on top type). It can also be shaped like a hedge. If its in a very hot area, it will need some good watering in summer. But they are quite hardy.

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hotzona_2007(Zone 9/Tucson)

Late response, but thought others should know-DON'T EAT THE SEED PODS-THEY ARE POISONOUS!!!!

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bugbite(z9a FL)

They are now available in commerical seed form. The new plant is "earlier to flower, more floriferous, and a
more compact plant. The variety is more uniform than seed collected from the vegetative material." At least that is what the company rep from the seed company that developed it just email me. Found the seed at Geoseed. Certainly others will have it.

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This is a beautiful bush in bloom. I do trim them back since they get real tall. Trimming makes them more fuller. The cold weather makes them die back in the cooler weather. Need a sharp saw to cut them to the ground. Does not take them long to reach ten feet or more. Have four bushes that give the property a spectacular appearance.

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