HAVE: Free to Give: Old Herb Companion Magazines

eskridtcAugust 2, 2008

Hi - I'm new here, so not sure of protocol, but I'm decluttering and I have the following copies of the Herb Companion Magazine. I don't have space for them anymore, but it's so hard to "throw away" copies of such a great magazine. I'm in the Dallas, Texas area and would be happy to give them away to anyone. The collection weighs a little more than 15 lbs, so not sure it would be worth shipping, but I could do that too if I don't have to cover the costs - we can discuss. My email is tressia@anet-dfw.com. If I don't get a response in the next week, I'm going to bite the bullet and toss them out. Here's the list:

1994: Apr/May, June/July, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan '95

1995: Feb/Mar, Apr/May; Jun/July; Oct/Nov; Dec/Jan '96

1996: Feb/Mar; Apr/May; Jun/July; Aug/Sep; Dec/Jan '97

1997: Feb/Mar; Apr/May; Jun/July; Aug/Sep; Oct/Nov; Dec/Jan'98

1998: Apr/May; Jun/July; Aug/Sept; Oct/Nov (10th Anniversary Issue); Dec/Jan '99

1999: Feb/Mar; May; July; Sept; Nov

2000: March


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I was going to say I was interested, but it might cost too much. Why not give to your goodwill or local gardening club? It would be a shame to not recycle them.
Maybe an estimate on shipping?

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terrysal(7b Denton, TX)

Hi. Do you still have these available?

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If you still have these I would pay the shipping price for them. email your address at BassinMonkey@att.net

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