ID of begonia that looks like miniature rose

lynne_melb(z9b Melb FL)March 2, 2005

Hi, my brother-in-law bought some begonia's at a Lowe's in Florida that I'm trying to identify. The plants are about 6 inches tall, and have large leaves - some of the ones at the bottom are 5 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.

The most remarkable thing is the flowers, they are double and multi-colored and look to me like miniature roses. The flowers are about 3/4 inch in diameter The flowers are on a short stem and each plant has at least 3 blooms.

I don't think that they are a type of wax begonia - the leaf is not shiny or big.

The only tuberous begonias that I'm familiar with have much bigger flowers but I'm wondering if these are a type of tuberous begonia.

Once ID'ed, I'd like to figure out how to propagate one for myself. The store is not that close to me.

The plants are small so there is not a stem to spare. I would like to try to propagate a leaf cutting.

Thanks so much

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Probably Reiger begonias. They're out in the hardware stores now. They also go by Elatior or Hiemalis begonia.

Google any of these names for images.

Here is a link from the NY botanical garden concerning these types.


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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

perhaps a reiger begonia?
those would be easier to propagate by stem cutting, IMO.


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lynne_melb(z9b Melb FL)

Thanks Ming and Butch. I agree - they look like Reigers.

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I would like to know where I can purchase bulbs or cuttings fro the Begoina that has 1" blooms and lookslike a Mini Rose. The one I had was white with pink edges very small blooms.

Thanks for any info.

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