gladiator begonia when does it flower?

scaly(6)March 15, 2005

I have two gladiator begonia's (that's what i believe is on the tag). I've had these for a few years. One is orange and one is red. How do you get them to re-flower? They are both in pots. When it got cold in 2003 I cut down the begonias and brought them into the house. The orange one started growing very nicely and actually got quite large and bloomed pastel orange from Dec to spring. I don't think it bloomed all summer,so I cut them both down after summer of 2004 and re-potted them. They have both grown OK over this winter but no blooms. The organge one is getting pretty big. The red one grows much slower. Is there a way to get them to bloom? The space that they are in gets filtered light and has a large temperature swing. I keep the room at 55 when I'm not home. When I'm home I have a wood stove in the room where the temp is usually around 74 to 77. This is the same spot they were in when they bloomed a few winters ago. Oh what type of begonia is a gladiator?

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Correction. I have Elatior Begonia. The orange is betty the red is bazan.

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