katydid00(6)April 19, 2005

I recently purchased a plant called alocasia polly. It is a type of elephant ear. I bought it as a house plant, but I was wondering if anyone knows if i can put it in my bog garden? It likes moist soil and I know you can put elephant ears in the bog garden, but does anymore know for sure if I can put it outside?

It was expensive so i don't want to kill it. I know i'll have to bring it in, in the winter because I am in zone 6.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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I have alocasia that I grew in pots last year on a deck......they were fantastic!! I can't remember whether it is either alocasia or colocasia which likes wet feet, but you might try posting on the Aroid forum - someone there will know..............good luck!

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