Wet soil lovin' plants

ganza(5)May 19, 2008

I am looking to plant along my back fence, which lies at the end of my poorly graded backyard. This is a very wet area and I would like suggestions--flowers, grasses or shrubs. I live in Ontario and it is a partial sun area. Previous owners of the house never attempted to plant there, and I want to be the first to succeed! :)

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

Me too. I mounded some dry lovin plants.but what can thrive in the wet?

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

Monkshood loves water. Its a tall plant with gorgeous shiny leaves and it blooms in late summer early fall. By the time it blooms its well over 6 ft,The flowers are Large.

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What about elephant ears and papyrus for seasonal interest?

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Cardenal lobillia and texas star hibiscus love wet feet as does astealby. My spelling sucks but you get the names. Some Irises and ferns like damp toes to, the list is vast for wet footed plants.

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Monkshood does great in my back yard, which is soggy all the time. I have mine along my back fence, which is a plus because it's a quite tall plant,and the fence can help to keep it upright. As mentioned earlier, it blooms pretty late in the season - September? - so it keeps interest in the garden late into fall. Another tall plant against the fence is liatris (shooting star) - if you're into a more wild, natural look, swamp milkweed and joe pye weed do great in my wet soil. (Swamp milkweed feeds the monarchs butterflies, too.) We've also had lots of luck with astilbe, spiderwort (tradescantia), globeflowers, ligularia. Cardinal flower is supposed to like wet feet, but we haven't had too much luck with that. Plants that aren't specifically recommended for wet soil but that have done fine include a hardy hibiscus and lots of hostas. It's good you have partial sun - we do too, mostly, but areas with too much shade have been a problem with powdery mildew. Have fun - I love gardening in wet soil - if you pick the right plants, there's very little maintenance!

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Oh, forgot turtlehead (chelone) - have it in a white and pink - they do great!

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

A good spray one or twice a month with a week camomile tea will help stop the mildew and fungus so does powdered cinnamon.

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chihuahua6(8b coastal SC)

I second Texas Star Hibiscus, aka Scarlet Rose Mallow, Hibiscus coccineus. Mine grows to seven feet tall each season and blooms throughout the summer. The foliage is very interesting and the large scarlet flowers are gorgeous. They're easy to grow from cuttings and seed too.

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I have Petasites variegata and also the plain green leafed one. Both of them love wet ground and can grow in the sun too.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Mmmmm, may want to reconsider the elephant ear, since it is a bulb and bulbs will rot if sitting in too much water. Depends on how MUCH water you have. Forgot that myself and paid the price. Looked wonderful the first few months, but never came back after the winter.

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Taro (elephans ear) will be fine in wet soil. Us ponders grow then IN the pond. They are not a bulb but a tuber. They would be fine but would need to be dug up in the fall. They are tropical and will die in the cold.

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