170 gallon pump for a 15 sqft bog?

mcec(8)May 25, 2009

My question is about a Little giant Pump I picked up for $5. It has a rating of 170 GPH. I want to use it to move water around a shallow pool (9in) which is the top of a bio-filtering system for a 3'X5'X2' bog pool.

I am building a bio-filtering bog as part of a larger pond project. The pond is next year, the bog is now. I am digging and lining a 3X5X2deep basin. Then installing a bio filter tube(Big leach pipe) in the basin. Over the tube I layer rock in decreasing size until only about 9inches of water is on top. My pump will pump water into the leaching tube which will force the water up through the rocks and into the shallows. The bog will have a short waterfall into the pump box. The process is a closed circuit.

Does anyone think my 170 GPH pump could work at all even for a year? Thanks in advance..... Cecile

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I'd give it a try! I'm not sure it will have enough power to push much water up through the rocks, but for a bog you don't need much flow. Little Giant pumps can use more power compared to other brands but I did have one that ran for 11 years!
Make sure you have a back flow valve installed or when you shut it off it will draw the water backwards into the pump box. Depending on how much lower your pump box is, is it could empty your bog.

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Wow! I never thought about the back fill issue. I'm creating as I go. Thanks a million. cec

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