New plant order going in..need advice now

cutterpup(z7MD)May 16, 2007

Hi all, I'm getting ready to add to a plant order my daughter-in-law is making tomorrow and I need some advice on the following:

1. Would Vaccinium macrocarpus or Viola lanceolata be too invasive in a whiskey barrel bog (main plantings will be pitcher plants, these would be for around the edges)

2. Is it need or wanted to add live Sphagnum Moss to the garden. I have a layer of long fibered, dried moss (kept moist now) on the top.

3. Are other mosses such as bog clubmoss advisable?

I don't want to over plant the pot, I'm already planning on pitchers in the middle and two sundews on the side..BUT i haven't ordered the sundews yet so if that would be too much please let me know.

Again, this is a whiskey barrel container, unlined and planted with sand, then sand and peat mixed then pure peat topped by the long fibered dried moss in zone 7

Thank you


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