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Jerry5505(Z6 PA)November 19, 2005

Has anyone else read "Garden Lunacy" by Art Wolk? It's simply the funniest book about gardeners and gardening I've ever read. It has crazed flower show exhibitors, Hortiholics Anonymous meetings, front yard dictators, how to steal plants without getting caught (a tongue-in-cheek chapter), attacks by garden critters, social clubs masquerading as garden clubs, what it's really like on TV garden shows, Better Homes and Gardens photoshoots, and on and on it goes. Some of the stories will have you laughing so hard, you'll have tears in your eyes. I bought it from Amazon, but I think Barnes & Noble has it, and I found Wolk's web site: The web site lists other reviews. The book received great reviews from Tovah Martin, Elvin McDonald, The National Gardening Assoc., the American Hort. Society, and many others.

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MaKoShark(9/10 FL)


after reading your review I ordered the book and I've read it: you are right, it is very funny and I do recommend it fully :)

Thanks for the cool tip,

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