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skoprow(7 NY)March 6, 2005

Have just bought my first tubers to plant indoors (from Walmart - want to make sure it works before I invest in any more expensive ones). I have always purchased these wonderful begonias growing in pots, and they do beautifully on my patio, and thought I'd like to try a more cost effective way of getting as many as I need!

The tubers do not have any "eyes" yet, and I've read that it is important that they do before they are planted. My questions are: How do I store the tubers, or what do I do now, to help them get eyes? Should I just put them in a cold place, as if I've been storing them all winter? Or should I treat them somehow or other to make the eyes come?

I can't seem to find this kind of info anywhere. Any help (and any other hints) will be appreciated! Thanks.

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Plant them upside down (with the rounded side up) just resting on a bed of moist, warm, peatmoss sphagnum or growing medium (the eyes are down). Check daily. The eyes should appear within days from the warmth and moisture. After eyes appear, plant right side up (rounded side down) and cover with 1.5-2" of medium.

Do not store cold.

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