Rough winter for b. coccinea Sinbad

badzoe(PA6)March 24, 2006

My b. coccinea Sinbad lost some of its lower leaves this winter. Should I cut it back and by how much? Or should I leave it alone?



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It should come back out once the weather improves. Mine has no leaves and self prunes some of the stems but I had one last year that did worse than this one and came out nice last summer (I gave the older one to my daughter).

I wouldn't prune it too hard to begin with but you should be able to prune it back by half. You should be able to start some new ones with your cuttings as well.

Here was mine last summer in an 18" pot. The red flowered one on the left is 'Torch' (no leaves showing), 'Chocolate' is cascading over, the pink colored one on the right is richmondensis, and 'Maribel Pink Shades' is the bronzy leaf one in the front.

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Your photo is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

When do you think that I should cut my plant back?


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If it is actively growing, then it should be safe to cut it back. If it has leaves, it may be okay to cut it as well. If it is leafless, I'd wait until it starts putting out again. I would not cut it to the ground except for obvious dead stems.

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Thanks so much for the advice!


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