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bruggirl(8b)March 22, 2005

Today I was at Home Depot looking for paint, and decided (of course) to stop and look in the garden department. I was gazing through small tropicals, and there, in the middle of all the common everyday plants was a flash of bright red. I looked closer, and there it was! A perfect little rex begonia with the prettiest red leaves you ever saw. Of course, I looked and looked to see if there were more, but no, so I brought it home. I'll post pictures when I get it to growing a little more. It really is beautiful.

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Cat_Gal(z10, S. CA)

It always happens- we go to a store with the intention to get one thing and end up buying plants. Oh, the misery. Congrats on your new find, bruggirl! Please do post the pics when you get a chance- I'd love to see it.


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Strangest thing. The new leaf has come out silver! I wonder if it's just silver when young, then turning red? Does anyone know of a variety that does this? It's definitely a rex.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

May just be the light. You can get a lot of variation growing outside in the shade, inside in the window, under regular fluorescent lights, under special grow lights--definitely more color under grow lights. I use Wide Spectrum, and I wouldn't be surprised if a grower did too to make them look better. I'm not sure that's really fair, but some growers do things like that.

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