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Milos_HouseOctober 8, 2013

Hello everyone,

I have an area that is 16" wide and 9' long that is against a white stuccoed wall. It faces east but because of a large hedge it only receives sun mid to late morning. I am looking for suggestions as to what to plant. It needs to be compact and tall. I don't want it to go much beyond the 16" width of the planting area and I'm not interested in a vine to run up the side of the wall. I'm open to all types of plants because I know my choices will be limited. Any suggestions from experienced gardeners out there?

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What is between this spot and the hedge?

16 inches is barely enough room for a trellis and a vine.

If it's under the roof, you can usually grow Ficus benjamani (the house plant) in an eastern exposure. That's tall and can be pruned to be a slender lacy tree. A few of those and some Foxtail asparagus ferns, and some low-growing succulents could make a nice planting.

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This area is part of a courtyard. I have posted photos. On the left is a bougainvillea which is coming out. If the planting is wider than 18" it will block the pathway to the front door. The dwarf myrtle hedge is on the right and is being trimmed this weekend. How about a succulent or interesting cactus?

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I would add a few paving stones and put plants in colorful pots there.

Way easier to control and keep looking good.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Nice flagstones! I like lazy's suggestion of pots with plants in them, that's a good way to sneak in some extra color, especially if you select bright, colorful pots.

If you really want something in the ground, maybe slipper plants would fit the bill? I grow them in just about all lighting conditions in the ground and in pots and they've done great. Here's a link to a nice article on them with some pics.

You could do pots AND slipper plants too, as they do very well. I think a nice row of them would be great in your narrow bed. I'm sure others will have great ideas too. Let us know what you select and how it works out! Happy gardening!


Here is a link that might be useful: Slipper plants (Pedilanthus macrocarpus) article

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Thank you lazygardens and Grant. I hadn't thought of colorful pots with plants and the idea of using slipper plants in the pots is brilliant! I think I'll look for some tall planters and use the slipper plants. Grant your link was very useful and gave me lots of ideas. Thank you both, I have found my solution, plus my husband will love the low maintenance!

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I'd def utilize some nice pots over trying to find an ideal plant or two which will grow tall in the ground. Most plants will get leggy when their sun starts going way, like this time of year. Pots you can move around, rotate, take inside in case of freeze. Whatever you choose will probably look better when you can maximize their environment weekly.

Put them in the entry when you are having visitors or a gathering. Soak them in sun whenever possible.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Thanks for the nice feeback, Milos_house. Please post lots of pics and updates as you make the changes. We want to seeeee! Happy gardening all!

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