Care for Begonia Escargot

GrowHappy(z7 MD)March 29, 2005

I recently purchased a 3 inch pot of Begonia 'Escargot'. I want to make sure I don't do anything to harm it! So far, I've gathered that they like humidity and do not like getting their leaves wet. Can anyone offer more comprehensive care instructions? Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Don't know how much help it'll be, but mine has been outside for two years or more, including all winter (with frost blanket protection) and is in bloom right now. It looks kinda ratty--little slug or snail damage mostly--but basically pretty happy. It doesn't look as happy in the heat of the summer, and I may bring it in this year and put it on the light stand. It's in a terra cotta bowl, which I think is pretty important for success with rexes and rhizomatous outside here where they often get very heavy rain. Also when it gets hot the evapotation from the pot keeps them a little cooler.

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my escargot was fantstic until august and then it just wilted one leaf at a time. can i save it would repotting help

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The only way I've gotten them to survive is a Terrarium. Good Luck!

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I have one that I got last spring (after much searching) and kept outside all summer in a shady spot. It did great with our (Kansas City) HOT, humid summer and seemed to like being a little dry. I brought it in this fall to overwinter as a houseplant and it's doing beautifully, a few of the largest leaves have gotten ratty but the plant is actually blooming and it has new leaves. I give it a little water when it starts to wilt a bit, and have it in my sunniest room (with both south and west sun). I love my snail begonia!

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Speaking of evaporation helping the humidity level with Rexes, I am trying something which seems to do that. I had some of those coir pots which I found useless as they are so flimsy when wet. I wanted to use up some netted orchid pots so I decided to combine the two. I put two DRY coir pots on a saucer and placed anet pot filled with sphagnum inside the coir pots, placed a Rex cutting in the sphagnum, watered it all in and watched. It seems to be working very well, the cutting is thriving and the coir seems to absorb any excess water and I am sure it does increase the humidty as it evaporates.

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