large, maple leaf shaped begonia

sherryinmaine(5a)March 6, 2012

Hi, visited Surry gardens today & saw a hanging begonia, with very large sort of maple leaf shape leaves.

No flowers. The leaves were bigger than my hand.

Anyone have an idea? I asked there, but they didn't know. A lady had donated it a while back. Owner said he used to know, but couldn't remember anymore. . .

Dying to know, would love to grow it.

thank you!

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

More details are needed to figure out what it was. Maybe a dragon wing cane like Sophie Cecile? Did it have spots or fuzz? Dark leaf or light? Fleshy stem or firm?

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Hi, sorry, I didn't think anyone would actually answer my message. . . .

I've looked at numerous begonia pics.
It's (I think) rhizo.
It has very large lighter green leaves. Thick stems, but the leaves hung down from the hanging basket I saw it in.
It has kind of 'hairy' appearance on the leaves and stem, too I think.
I looked at crassucaulis photo- not it (wouldn't mind having it though)
looked at big mac, earl-ee-bee, heiracleifolia, and the very last one I saw online might be it-- but, I cant remember the name of it!
As I saw photos I'd scribble the name down on a scrap of paper- I cant find the latest scribble.
Might have seen it on taylor begonia site.
I will look again.
It has a 'maple leaf' like leaf, very large, bigger than my hand, light green, kind of hairs on it. It is a plain color, no spots that I can remember, or perhaps the very ends had a bit of reddish on them, not a lot.
I appreciate your time! Does this help?

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Not sure about the maple leaf description since most maple leaves are symmetrical and most begonias aren't.

Try ricinifolia or Immense to begin with. I think some folks describe them as maple leaf begonias.

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