pine needles for bog

sal_mando(z6a SW Ohio)May 4, 2005

I am finding it difficult to locate a source for pine needles for my carnivorous bog. I can buy bundles of pine straw for $8 each. I read that pine bark also lowers pH when it decays. A bag of fine pine bark is only $4. Any thoughts?

Also, my bog is going to be around 18" deep; can I put a layer of sand at the bottom to take up some space so that I don't have to buy as much sphagnum peat?

Thanks, Bob

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sounds like a good idea! Anything acidic will work in place of the pine needles. At $4 a bag you could use that in the bottom of your bog to take up space, as long as you are sure to work the other media in so it doesn't create air pockets and settle you should be just fine.

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