Tree begonia??

jarrett622March 12, 2006

A friend of mine brought me a rescued plant. The poor thing was dry and dying. It has leaves shaped like my angel wing begonia only solid, glossy green. The plant itself is huge for a begonia (about 3 foot tall stalks/stems) but it *is* one as I can see where the blooms will be just as with any regular begonia. Does anyone know what type this might be and what I can do to care for it? It's revived, what's left of it, after a good water drench.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Amazing what a little water will do, isn't it? Sound to me like a cane (angel wing) begonia allright, but I wouldn't hazard a guess without more information or a picture, and not necessarily then! There are so many begonias, and quite a number will get tall. I have a fond memory of a gardening friend visiting when my 'Lucerna', planted in the ground, was full of bloom and about five feet tall. He glanced over at it, and then did a really classic double-take--'it's real!' I didn't say he ought to know me well enough to know that. You might enjoy looking at pictures on the American Begonia Society website. Maybe you'd spot your new beauty.

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Here is a very tall maculata at the national convention a couple of weeks ago. That is my wife beside it and she is 5 foot tall.

There were taller canes at Palm Hammock but this one was wonderfully grown. Shame the lighting was so poor at the show though.

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About 15 minutes into googling and viewing I began to see that I may never get an exact name for this one...or at least not until it blooms. LOL!

So I guess one takes care of this begonia as with any other: Bright, indirect light and don't let it dry out completely.

Thanks you two! I appreciate it. And the angelwing is *gorgeous* no matter the lighting! :-)

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I'd suggest you try a little sunshine--maybe dappled shade--to encourage bloom. Some folks even grow them in full sun in the summer outside, but that would be too much here I think. You know your climate. A sunny window would be good, tho' possibly back a little if it's hot. The rhizomatous begonias do fine with 'bright indirect', but canes need more light to prevent stretching and help bloom.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

And I meant to say--that's a great and highly appropriate photo, Butch. I remember at my first begonia convention seeing a number of begonias like that. Took my breath away. Not sure I've regained it!

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