Thistle Population Study

madrunr11January 24, 2014

I am currently conducting a genetic study on Cirsium hillii. This rare thistle reproduces both sexually and asexually. Within the one population, we identified where 'clumps' (expected) were and took GPS coordinates in order to study the genetic makeup of the population (are all the plants clones or not). Is there a more appropriate term for these 'clumps' of plants? Center of Abundance? Cluster? Clone Center? These previous terms are just some I thought might best describe it, but I would like to be as accurate as I can in my thesis.

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO

If it were me, I'd designate each clump as a "group" such as "group A" "Group 1" or however you want to do it. I can't think of a scientific term for a bunch of thistle clones. I think group would be appropriate enough though.

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