I am looking for specific book recommendations

bomber(6 MA)May 26, 2005

I would like your specific book recommendations for creating a bog garden. I have a moist, sunny location to work with and may even be able to tie in a small pond.

I searched throughout the Gardenweb site and was not able to find more than the Peter D'Amato book on carnivorous plants. I'm usually pretty good at searching. :-)

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

One book I have called Water Features for Small Gardens has a very small section on bog garden design but I can't recommend it soley for that section. It's a better general water feature info book.

One of the best resources I have found is Botanique's web site. This info really "spells it out" as far as siting and construction. I went deeper than Botanique recommends, used old carpet as a pre-liner/root barrier, used packing peanuts as my inert porous filler on bottom and a 50/50 peat sand mix, everybody does it a bit differently.

Gardening With Carnivores is ok, lots of pretty pictures, lots about hybridization, lots about cultural requirements, LOTS about starting a business (selling to the cut flower trade, weird), a small section on constructing a bog garden.

My favorite boggy book is still Book of Swamp and Bog. No it doesn't tell you how to build a bog garden but it is an amazing resource for the ecology and interrelationships of eastern bogs and wetlands, and it's a fun to read, field guidey, nuturalist type book with great pen and ink illustrations.

For a "true" CP native orchid type bog the Botanique info is what you are probably looking for. They also have wonderful (expensive but worth every penny) plants.

Good luck! Have FUN!

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bomber(6 MA)

I found several books at the public library including the one recommended above. All have sections on bogs and bog plants. I found them all very useful to help formulate my considerations. I guess I need pictures. :-)

Here are a few others:

The Natural Water Garden: Pools, Ponds, Marshes & Bogs for Backyards Everywhere

Complete Guide to Water Gardens, Kathleen Fisher

Water in the Garden, James Allison

By the way, I've been looking for the "man in the bathtub" water feature to use for another project with my clawfoot tub. There he was in the Water Features for Small Gardens book. My guess is that fellow is custom made.

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