Plants in Wetland ?

SarannMay 2, 2004

The backyard of our house slopes down to a ditch (and a road) and the slope is a designated Wetland. The area is unkept and very messy looking (overgrown grass & weeds). We can't cut this grass because we would loose the lawnmower (natural springs are in the ground & you sink when you walk in this area).

I want to do something with this to make it look better and was thinking of sprinkling wild flower seeds? Would this work? If not, do you have any other suggestions of what we could do to make it look better?


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Wildflower seeds would probably fail. There are, however, a number of things you could plant that would not harm the wetland but spruce it up a bit.

You could plant things like sedges, rushes, water iris, pickerel weed. These would add color to the area and still be very natural so that there would not be any problems with the agencies that established and/or oversee the area.

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arlenem(z8 WA)

I agree with the previous answer - add things that naturally grow in wetlands. And if they are plants that are native to your own area they will do much better and there will be no danger of introducing some plant that will take over the area.

There might even be an agency in your state that has a website telling what plants are native to your state's wetlands.

Arlene M.

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Thank you for your response (I'm glad that I didn't go out & buy Wildflowers).

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