What is everyone planting right now?

agility_mom(z9 AZ)October 18, 2010

For me, I have put in 2 different fig trees, Black Jack and Kadota, a Li Jujube, a Mexicola avocado, a Glenn mango, a pineapple guava, a concord grape vine, a Cherry of the Rio Grande, a Mexican Papaya and 3 Garden Prince Almond trees and I'm not done yet. It's hard to stop when you are addicted :)

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Within the last month:
Yucca recurvifolia x3,
Nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo) x3
Agave pelona
Agave x 'Blue Glow' x2
Agave victoria-reginae x4
Agave ferdinand-regis x2
Aloe ferox
Aloe marlothii

Within the next couple weeks:
Acacia stenophylla (shoestring acacia)
Sophora secundiflora (texas mountain laurel) x2
Ferocactus pilosus x2,
Puya alpestris (sapphire tower)
Dasylirion texanum (green desert spoon)
Agave x 'Royal Spine'
Agave ocahui
Caesalpinia pulcherrima (pink variety)

Purple fountain grass x4
Desert Museum palo verde (too close to the house)
Dasylirion wheeleri
Texas ranger x 3
Ferocactus wislizenii x 2
Hesperaloe parviflora x 2

my back hurts....

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Two Nanking Cherry Bushes last week. Two Guthrie Chickasaw Plum trees will be arriving this Friday.

Planning on getting and planting this Fall.

Garden Prince Almond.

Two Cherry trees.

Key Lime tree.

I had to cut down trees to make room for these. I will be rooting about 100 fig cuttings from my trees in December. I also have 75 cuttings to root coming from UC Davis in March and there is bound to be something in the Encanto Farms cutting sale I won't be able to pass up.

I'm seriously thinking of planting some Snow Peas in the raised beds I'm planting my fruit trees in. The Snow Peas produce during the winter when the trees are dormant. They add nitrogen to the soil that the trees can use in the spring. Sound like a win, win situation to me.

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

Melt, it sounds like you are redoing your whole yard. That removing stuff is the hardest part for me. Aching back and everything else is right.

thisisme, what Cherry trees are you getting? I am wanting to try a Minnie Royal and a Royal Lee but my area for them won't be ready for a while yet. I have heard that a Lapin will work here too but don't know anyone that has grown any of these.

So, do you sell these fig cuttings after they mature or do you have a bigger lot and are having a fig orchard or something else?

I've never had deciduous fruit trees before but I have been told not to water them when they are dormant. So, will this cause problems if you plant the peas with them or doesn't this matter?

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Surinam cherry, Kent mango, Big jim loquat, Black sapote, Jaboticaba, Starfruit, Cherimoya, Longan, Lychee, and Champaca

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agility mom I lost two cherry trees on semi-dwarfing root stocks this year. I plan on replacing both a Lapins and Royal Lee. This time I will be buying them on Mazzard rootstock.

If I plant Snow Peas in the raised beds they will be 18" away from the trunk. I don't think there will be a problem. Even dormant trees need some water. If its not raining I would be giving the trees a light watering every 1-2 weeks anyway.

I do have an over sized lot. I can plant and grow roughly 80 mature trees in my yard. To this point I have never sold a fig tree or anything else I have grown. I will however be selling some fig trees on eBay next Spring.

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

plantaddict, I have to say that a couple of your plantings are new to me and I had to look them up.
Black Sapote was one of the new to me trees. From what I read it is related to Persimmons. I am planning on getting a Persimmon and a White Sapote. I'll have to do more research on the Black Sapote.

Champaca sounds wonderful. I had never heard of this before either.

Right now, I have a Star Fruit on hold and can't wait to pick it up and get it planted. I just planted my Big Jim Loquat this morning,
I have a Dwarf Kent Mango on order. You had referred this one in another post and I went and ordered it the next day.
Where did you get your Jaboticaba? That is another one that I am looking for.

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)


I had read an article about tree size, root stocks and pruning earlier and had decided to go w/a standard rootstock too.
I am really hoping that these cherry trees do well here. While I have 2 Cherry of the Rio Grande and a Surinam Cherry (they are too new to have fruit yet), I can't wait to also have traditional cherries.
The more varieties of stuff the better.

Good luck with selling the figs.

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wish I had money for trees right now. have so many things that need to be addressed asap, but I'm super excited today: I found one of those small electric chippers (2.5 hp) on craigslist for a really good price and my wife picked it up for me. looks almost brand new.... I'm so excited, like a kid with a new toy, I can't focus on work because i can't wait to go home and play with it.
I know that this will be the beginning to many happy years of making mulch which then ends up as bedding in the chicken coop to be "enriched" and after a stop in the compost tumbler it becomes what I call "black gold" for my garden.
On my list for this fall are: 1 pomegranate (maybe wonderful, or Angel red??) , 3 peach/nectarine/apricot trees planted together to help shade each other (possibly Babcock, Desert Delight and Katy), 1 Smyrna quince to replace the one that died, 1 Aleppo pine to replace the one the morons who lived here before killed (by digging for a pond next to it). And several more fig trees, I have a couple of Black missions air layering and Violette de Bordeaux and Blue Giant are also on my list.
Otherwise garden is almost empty. Planning to plant brocolli for the winter (we call it "bokeelee"... like my kids called it as toddlers)

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I'm excited to report that I just finished creating my very first vegetable/fruit garden in my backyard, using some leftover pavers that I had from a landscaping job last year! Yay! It's about 11 ft x 6 ft.

Yes,hard work because I had to remove a lot of caliche! Blisters on my had from hacking away at it so furiously with a spade. I also had to set up a drip line so my fledglings will have water when I'm on vacation. And then finally, I surrounded it with that mesh-like 'bird' guard stuff to give some protection, as well as several marigolds that my mom tells me helps to prevent pests(?). Sadly, something still seems to be munching on the leaves of my sweet basil...probably those darned crickets! Well, I can't blame them because basil is heavenly! Anyhow, here's my list:

- 2 strawberry

- 2 roma tomato

- 1 big jim pepper

- 2 sweet basil

- 7 marigolds

- seeds for carrots and spinach (I can already see tiny sproutlings...yay! At least I hope that's what they are and not weeds!)

My front yard is in a state of transition right now; celosias are still looking pretty good, although a bit sprawling; same with my vincas. When it gets cooler, I'll buy some pansies and maybe some dusty millers since they did so well last year(until mid-July!).

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I notice most people are mentioning trees, I've been planting all the winter vegetables. I've added 5 more beds to my garden so lots of spaces to be filled.

Onions (bulb and l'itoi)
Bok Choy
Fava beans
Brussel Sprouts
Mustard Greens
London Rocket

And I've got some zuchinni, squash, cantaloupe, eggplant and basil left in from spring/late summer.

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I also have some Fava's and Leeks and some Texas Sweet Onions. I only have one bed though. I have plans for 4-5 more in time for Spring planting.

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I just re-planted my leafy green veggies: only ONE lettuce plant came up from the earlier planting, perhaps because of the hot weather.

Need to scatter the wildflower seeds! it's TIME!

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thisisme - Are your Texas Sweets - transplants or from seed? If these are transplants - where did you get them?

I have Toms, beans, dill, basil,cilantro, zuks, onion, petunias, violas, marigolds, larkspur,four o'clocks and bulbs in the refridgerator (tulips,grape hycinth) - I am looking for Giant Hycinth & Freesia bulbs - anyone know where to get these right now?

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rachelj8 I planted Texas Sweet Onions early in the year and thought I harvested all of them. Suddenly others started coming up where the others where planted. Some of them had gone to seed. I had never planted any other onions in the bed so I have to assume they are Texas Sweet volunteers.

When I was at Home Depot the other day they had Onion Starts when I was purchasing some other plants. I did not check to see if they were TS's though. Onions don't cost very much so with my limited space I decided to plant Leeks. I like them both and Leeks cost a fortune in the store so the decision was easy.

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mangledmind(AZ 9B)

head lettuce

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Hi everyone! I just survived my first summer here in the Valley and DH built a great 4x10 raised bed, 2 more are planned after the first of the year. Yesterday I planted-
green onions
lettece, green leaf-head-romaine
bok choy
snow peas
I'm looking forward to gardening in Az. and I know I'll be asking questions, thank goodness for the internet;)

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I'm so bad! I just ordered some seeds for bumble bee primrose, as well as some for campanula carpatica and commelina. As a beginner, I don't even know how to grow them yet, but I just figure I'll work it out somehow, research them on the internet or whatever. If I could just get one flower to grow out of the bumble bee primrose seeds, I would be so thrilled...what can I say,I am totally enchanted by this little plant...as well of the idea of growing anything with true blue in it. I can see how people become obsessed with orchids...and gardening in general!

Here is a link that might be useful: bumble bee primrose

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xica da silva I showed my wife the VICTORIANA SILVER LACE BLACK at the top of your link. She does not believe they are real they are so pretty. Do you think they would grow here?

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Hi thisisme! I agree with your wife! Yeah, I'm pretty sure they'll grow here because I know they sell primroses at Baker's every fall, although I've never seen this particular color combo sold here...it's really spectacular.From what I've read about primroses, they seem to like a bit of shade and are fine in our typical non-summer weather. I'll post pix here if I ever get my seedlings to produce.

PS. The Michigan bulb company actually sells the transplant-able ones, but it seems currently they're sold out.

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They grow here over the winter and drop dead in the late spring, of heat stroke. It's an English plant, likes morning sun or light shade.

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just put in an agave celsii, desert milkweed and a couple of salvia greggii. I'm probably also going to move some of my potted aloe (I THINK I have about 6 little aloe ferox in pots - that's what the tag said anyway!) and some of my columnar cacti into the ground now that it's not one million degrees. I'm waiting for the arrival of my bare-root Arizona Cypress - but I think they're going into pots for the first year.

I threw some collected desert marigold and globe mallow into the ground and tossed a little water at them. . . we'll see if anything happens - if nothing else, I've provided some yummy seeds for the ants.

Like others on the thread, I also have to space out my plant purchases as I'd rather not have my car repo'd just because I couldn't pass up a fall plant sale! So I'm hoping to put in an Ironwood, desert willow and maybe a couple of others in December. Now if I can just get all my relatives to give me nursery gift certificates for Christmas. . . .

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