Calla palustris (Water Arum)

learn2turn(6)May 3, 2013

Anyone grow Calla palustris and/or know a source for it?

I'm looking for native plants to grow in a wet area. I can find Calla palustris described on many web pages and it looks nice. It's native. It's hardy. In pictures it's attractive looking.

But, unlike most of the other plants I search for, I can't find any place that sells it. A couple vendors had seed but then I'd have to figure out what the protocol is for starting it from seed. I'd rather just buy a few plugs or small plants.

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I put in an order for a few native wetland plants from including three Calla palustris.

I haven't dealt with them before so I have no idea what the quality will be. They haven't arrived yet. And I haven't grown that plant before so I don't know how they will do. I'm in zone 6 and have some wet boggy area I want to add a few attractive but native plants to.

The tricker web site doesn't specialize in natives and I see listed some stuff that is not just invasive but ILLEGAL in my state (yellow iris, forget-me-not). So I would never order anything from them without researching and making sure I knew what I was ordering was appropriate for me area.

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