Elephant ear bulbs

smprestinMay 28, 2007

Which end do you plant up or does it matter? Mine have been in potted dirt for 2 to 3 weeks and nothing yet. One of them feel pretty soft almost rotten feeling.

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Unless you planted them upside (pointed end should be up, rougher side down) down they'll start to sprout when the soil temp gets warm enough.

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glad2garden(5, Chicopee, Mass)

That mushy feeling means it's rotted. It should be firm, like a good onion.

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wfike(8, Atlanta, Ga.)

The one that is mushy needs to be dug up and the mushy part cut off and the good part needs to be allowed to dry a few days to heal and be replanted. Your soil is not wet is it? They will rot in wet soil.

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I just bought an elephant ear plant and put it in water, in a fish pond. Isn't that where they grow? wfike asked if the soil was wet. I live in southern California, and bought a black elephant ear plant. What do I do with it if it doesn't go in the water?

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