Botany degrees

PsmallwoJanuary 25, 2012

Hello all. I am currently working on my bachelor degree in general biology. I have an interest in plants and I am wondering if a general biology degree would be an acceptable bachelor if I am considering going on to graduate school and trying to get either a masters or PhD in botany? All insight would be helpful. Thanks!!

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You did not mention your current grade level. Hopefully you are just starting out! You really need to get a more concise handle on what area of botany you are interested in. This is vital in approaching a doctorate program. While a general bio major may be helpful and may be all that is available to you at your current university, you need to determine what school, if different, you want to pursue a Masters and subsequently a doctorate degree at.
Knowing this you can examine their mimimal requirements for acceptability and can adjust your major accordingly.
For botany you should have at least some organic chemistry, statistical analysis, taxonomy, and probably some environmental or ecological courses as well. Other courses that can aid in your studies would include geology related courses and of course computer courses that teach the use of the current programs that you would be using in future botany courses or needed for qualifying for a job.
Whatever you do do not wait but act as soon as you can to learn about your own interests. Avoid what others may direct you to unless the field is of interest to you and within your range of understanding. Do get started NOW1

Here is a link that might be useful: CHECK THIS LINK OUT THOROUGHLY!

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Thanks for the website and insight. My current degree does have most of the classes you are talking about already incorporated into it, except for the geology courses. Also, I am in my second year of college, though I have spent a majority of this time getting my core out of the way.

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Sounds good. Good luck in your endeavor. It can be tough if you really are unsettled on just what direction you want to go in. And it is really impossible to know. Hindsight is always better but somewhat impossible to have beforehand!!
One of the main difficulties will prove to be assessing what a longterm INTEREST will prove to be. What may attract you now may prove to become tedium later.
Socrates was really on the mark with his statement: "KNOW THYSELF."
Though even when you are an old codger you may still wonder!

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