Anybody with Cherry trees?

AndrikosOctober 26, 2005


I'm a fruit tree maniac (I have about 50 small ones) and I'm thinking of planting a couple of Cherry trees.

i thinking of one Bing and one Rainier for cross pollination.

Did anybody succesfully plant cherry trees in Arizona?

My elevation is 2800ft and it does get in the teens during the winter (I have to cover my citrus trees).

We have lots of bees and pollinating insects. I just hope I can grow a couple of juicy yummy brearing cherry trees...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

If I remember correctly, they still need more chill hours (you probably already know what that means, but for anyone else reading along) which is the amount of time the temps stay low, as opposed to how low the temps go. As an example, the Cherry Festivals in my native Michigan are held in the upper part of the mitten (Traverse City,) which is much colder than the lower part of the state.

I've added a link to a publication that gives the info on chilling hours for many fruits and nuts that can be grown here. I'm afraid they don't even mention cherries.

Here is a link that might be useful: Desert Fruits and nuts

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There are a few native cherry trees in Arizona. The ones that come to mind are the big ones up around the town of Cherry. Unsure exactly what type they are or if the fruit is even edible. Trying to grow edible cherries in Arizona might be a challenge but I've been successful with a Hollyleaf cherry tree in Mesa. It thrives in the heat and does put out fruit every year. The birds love 'em. Good luck.

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Thanks Pagancat and AZJeff for your advice.
Despite advice to the opposite (by Mesquite Valley Growers staff also! :) I bought a Lapins Cherry. It was only $29.95 so I figured it'd be pretty low risk.
I'll be planting it in an area of my house that will be getting shade after 2PM in the summer (so it doesn't fry).

The 700 chill hour requirement seems almost attainable in my area.
I'll also augment this by placing ice around the tree when temps are over 45F during the winter.
I figure if I cover it with a sleeping bag or something, I'll be able to extend the chill hours to, hopefully, over the 700 hour limit.
And since temps under 32F is counterproductive to the accumulation of chill hours, I'll be covering it also when it gets really cold. :)
Wish me luck.
If this works, next year I'll plant a Rainier and a Montmorency. What can I say, I'm nuts for fruit/nut/citus trees... :D

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Minnie Royal and Royal Lee are two new low chill varieties.

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iandyaz(Zone 9B - QC)

I don't know if this is true, but I've read that if the temperatures go above 65 F during the day, you have to subtract that many hours from your chill hours calculation (total hours below 45 F). As for cherries, I've been looking for something called a Jamaican Cherry (Muntingia) to see if it grows well here. It might get too cold some years for it, although I could probably protect it some its first few years.

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Yes, for purposes of calculating chill hours ( hours at 32 - 45 degrees), you must subtract any hours above 65 degrees.

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iandyaz(Zone 9B - QC)

I wanted to add, I found capulin cherry trees at home depot today and according to this page: it doesn't need chill hours to bear fruit.

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Some other Cherry options are Suriname Cherries and Cherry of the Rio Grande. While my Surinames have not bore fruit yet, they are thriving in pots. The type that I have are the darker purple colored ones. There have been mixed reviews as to flavor of the various types with the higher marks going to the purple fruits.

My Cherry of the Rio Grande was doing really well but was killed by one of my dogs so I'll have to replant that.

I have tried the Lapins, Capulin, Stella, Royal Lee and Minnie Royals. I even tried them on different root stocks and have not been successful with any of them. This could be a problem with my planting area since it is a bit salty from having horses living on there in the past along with our usual high PH conditions.

There are people who have posted on various forums for the Valley that say they have had good luck with them. Here is a thread from one of those forums:

Since my cherry experiments have failed, I am now trying Cherry Plums and so far they are actually doing well. I haven't a clue as to how they taste or much else about them but since there was Cherry in the name, I thought that I would give them a try :)

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