Red leafed bog plant, need ID!

rroberts19May 11, 2010

We had a beautiful red leafed plant that thrived in our bog last year, unfortunately it didn't make it through the harsh winter. The garden center where I originally purchased it has no clue what it was and isn't' carrying it this year. It kind of looked like a japanese maple and grew to about 4 feet. It had brilliant red leaves and a woody stem. Anyone know? Here is a link to a photo:

Thanks in advance for any help!


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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

too far away to tell

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

It looks like a Japanese maple. This is not really a bog plant and is only marginally hardy in your part of USA, probably the reason why it died.

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I have one in my pond in Zone 5 IL. It's call Maple Sugar Hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella). I sill have the info tag in it. Here's what it says:
3-5' tall; annual except in Zones 9-11; hardy to 28 degrees; full sun to partial shade
Here's what mine looks like today:

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Oh and one more thing - I have this plant in a mesh basket with stones sunk in my pond to a depth of about 6" below the waterline. This is my first year with it. I'll take it down to my Florida house next month and plant it in the ground there because it will die here in IL come winter cold.

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Just found this when I Googled Maple Sugar Hibiscus. Think I'm gonna try to do some cuttings from mine. Good luck.
I have no experience with this plant but I looked up some information. Pretty leaves! toID=5915
This link says that the plant zone for 'Maple Sugar' Hibiscus acetosella is 9-10. It is grown as an annual elsewhere. I don't think you can leave it outside and have it survive in zone 5 by any means other than building a heated greenhouse around it.

I did bump into another message string in an annual forum. One lady in zone 7 on this forum says that she takes cuttings of her hibiscus acetosella varieties every year and and overwinters them in both soil and containers of water. You can see the whole message string and look at follow-up number 15. Maybe you can even ask for more information. sg0800055026548.html?22

Read more: Sugar maple hibiscus : Trees and Shrubs

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