Pineleaf Milkweed "Asclepias linaria"

dlg421October 29, 2013

Is anyone successfully growing Pineleaf Milkweed "Asclepias linaria" in the Phoenix area? If so, please tell me about the location, amount of sun etc. that yours is growing in. I planted one last March by an East facing wall and it died by July. Wondering if I did something wrong.


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What was your watering schedule for it?

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Initially I watered every other day. After is was established I watered it once a week. When it seemed to be suffering, I tried watering more frequently, but it still died.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

You know, I've tried them a few times and they've all slowly declined, but I'm hoping we hear from someone in the Valley with real, long term success, LOL. I've switched to our native and also fabulous A. subulata which thrives for me and lots of folks/commercial plantings, but like you, I'd love to add A. linaria to the mix too.

Happy gardening!

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It's a native ... should do OK here.

Wonder what the issue is.

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Grant I also have had great success with the A. subulata. The only problem that I ever have with that is aphids, which I just crush and remove by hand.

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