1 long shoot, prune or not to prune?

castorcrap(z5 wv & z6 Md)April 21, 2006


I bought some cheap begonia bulbs at walmart of unknown cultivar, but they are a large flowering variety. I put 2 in an 8" terracotta, they have both sprouted, one with 3 short trunks, and one bulb only made 1 huge long floppy 12" trunk. Im sure they dont have huge root systems yet, so is it okay to pinch the long one?, how radically do these things tollerate pruning? Oh, and also, on these flowering kind, that are not grown for folliage, when fall comes can I just let frost knock em down and then store them in thier pot, with no water, and in a cold room, just like a dormant amyrillus?



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I've never had any trouble pruning my begonias back. If anything they respond by branching out and blooming more. I don't have extensive experiences with begonias, but what I have had is that they are very easy to grow, to root and to propagate from cuttings. Cheryl

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