Hanging basket Begonias

mollyzone5April 7, 2005

I bought 3 of these bulbs.The package says to set them on moist peat until the shoots appear.Well 2 have shoots but 1 has not showed yet.I read that if the shoots do not appear to turn the bulb upside down into the moist peat and keep checking for shoots.When I turned the one over I see that it had roots so I left it right side up.

Should I turn it over or should I leave the roots in the peat.I have never tried these before,any tips you can give?Also,I want to plant all 3 in a 12in hanging pot,is that O.K.I want the pot nice and full,but I am not sure how big each bulb gets.


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Plant them all now. Make sure the concave (rounded) side is down and the hollow side is up. Cover with 1.5-2" of soil.

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