Will rotting logs/woodchips be bad for a cp bog?

njbiologyJune 28, 2011


I want to put a layer of woodchips, sticks, and wood around the perimeter within the carnivorous plant (cp) bog. When this rots, will nutrients be added to the bog?

I won't use oak leaves for that reason; I assume they will decompose and release nutrients.

Can I use rocks (granite and sandstone) on the edges, or will that leach too many minerals?


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Wood chips and sticks will add organic material to the soil when they decompose, yes.

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Wood chips, etc. will release nutrients, but slowly. And if you keep the water in which your CP are growing acidic -- the way it would be in nature for most -- the acid itself (I'm told) prevents easy absorption of the nutrients by the plants. Oak leaves might actually be good for that reason, since some people use tannic acid to acidify their water, and oaks certainly have plenty of that (you can also find peat extract in larger garden/pond stores).

I've never been brave enough (yet) to grow my CP in bogs in the ground, but I have hundreds in pots sitting in dough trays on greenhouse tables in my back yard.

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I have an idea for growing carnivorous plants and sphagnum moss in a nutrient-rich marsh - will this likely work?

On top of the mud, pile 6" of peat-moss and sand then plant the carnivorous plants and sphagnum moss. I suppose the roots will penetrate down the 6" of peat moss before hitting the nutrient rich saturated soil; then probably not extend deeper. This would be like a floating-mat is in nature: that you have a mass of slowly decaying wood at the edge of a swamp - the swamp seems to be nutrient-rich, black mud, etc... but the plants are insulated from the nutrients as they are rooted in the mass that towers over the water-level and apparently doesn't readily soak up the nutrients.

So, does this sound like it would work?


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