Hippeastrum 'Loyalty'

bronxfigsSeptember 11, 2011

Where can I find this variety?????

If anyone has any information re: retailers, nurseries who carry this bulb, or, has anyone grown and flowered this very dark, red-black variety, please let me know. Id like to try this flower. I know that "Black Pearl", "Benfica"," Red Pearl" are much easier to find, but I prefer the flower of "Loyalty". Small, minor details can make a difference.

Thanks, Frank

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Did you know it's also known as Queen Silvia? That might help you find it. It was only registered in 2007...just 4 years ago. So since it's not really common, maybe it's just coming into production. You can buy cut flowers (I know...not what you want)...you could write the person who registered it personally and ask him who is growing it for him.

Just some "out there" suggestions.

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kaboehm: Thanks for the possible ways to research this variety. Man, it shouldn't be this hard to find a stinkin' flower!! I'll keep on trying.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Many of us who have grown Hippeastrum for many years have been in your shoes. When you make some good connections, you find that doors will open up to you and people will do their best to help.

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kaboehm/Kristi: ....In one of your postings, you referenced the year that this Hippeastrum variety was registered, and that I could possibly write/contact the person who originally registered this flower, and maybe this will lead to a grower/retailer/importer.

How do you find that information? Is there a master listing of all new varieties? .... and, how do I find this listing? Where do I look? Is there a society that keeps these records? A special web-site, etc?

Just asking.....Thanks again.


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I'm assuming since it was registered only four years ago it might be very difficult to find, many places will register but never actually make some varieties commercially available, I'm guessing due to performance or it may be intended only for cut flower production.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Frank, all the registered varieties are on the KAVB site.
Hippeastrum �Loyalty� (Galaxy Groep), AMR 192
Edibulbcode: 77714
Registrant: Mts. F.C.M. Kouwenhoven & Kouwenhoven
Tuinbouw B.V., De Lier.
Samenvatting: donker paarsrood 187C, aan basis en
nerven bruinpaars 187A.
Handelsnaam: Queen Silvia

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joshy/kristi/kaboehm: Thanks for doing some research for giving me some information regarding this variety.

joshy: I had no idea that some Hipps. may be bred only for the cut-flower market. It makes sense, but I just never thought about this aspect at all.

I have a feeling that this variety will be really hard to find, and if it was commercially available, some retailer/wholesaler would stock it. It may turn out that this variety wasn't worth all the searching.

So, if it shows up on the market in the future, I'll give it a try. This season, I'll order "ROYAL VELVET" and try this bulb out.

Thanks again for all the help.


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)
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