Arethusa bulbosa

gerhard(Z6/7)June 11, 2012

Is anyone out there growing/cultivating Arethusa bulbosa successfully? Any input would be appreciated.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

Arethusa bulbosa is critically imperiled throughout most of its range, in part due to illegal collecting. It is listed in CITES Appendix II so international trade of this species is controlled.

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True, but it's also been cultivated successfully by Bob Yannetti in New Jersey, and hybridized with other orchids. I don't advocate collecting in the wild, but I'd love to have a source for nursery grown Arethusa.

Maybe American Native Nursery?? They list Arethusa in their wetland plant suggestions, but they didn't respond to my query about it.

I'm looking into flasking some on my own. Need to figure out what I need to do to get permits to collect seed. Might need to travel to NJ - I don't believe that it's endangered there. Probably just need landowner permission to collect seed.

Did you have any luck obtaining a source?

FYI... It's not easy to raise, and from what I've heard it has a short life span in the wild, so you need to replenish it or grow it in a garden with the correct mycorrizhal fungi so that it can reseed.


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FYI.. I spoke with someone at American Native Nursery ( today. They do periodically raise and sell Arethusa bulbosa. They've provided plants to botanical gardens, and receive seed in return. The earliest they would have any would be spring 2014, since they don't currently have any growing. The plants are shipped potted, in soil containing the required mycorrizhal fungi. As far as I know, and I've done a lot of searching, this is the only commercial source for Arethusa bulbosa.


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Chris, I appreciate that information. I have presently 2 growing in spaghnum moss. I will let you know how they do (if they survive) in spring.


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