have you seen Coppertone loquat?

serenoa(z8b, FL)February 24, 2005

I recently purchased some "Coppertone loquat" plants. Coppertone refers to the coppery color of the young leaves. I was curious about their origin and, when I had time, did some reference work on the internet. This plant is listed variously as a loquat (Eriobotrya japonica 'Coppertone'), as a hybrid of loquat and Indian hawthorn (Raphiolepis) and as a hyrid of loquat and Photinia. These plants are all in the rose family and a hybrid may be possible. On the other hand, crosses between genera are not all that common outside of the orchid family.

My plants are coming into bloom, now. The new inflorescence and the flowers look exactly like an Indian hawthorn to me. I have not seen fruits, yet. Can anyone tell me anything more about this plant?

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

Yes, I saw it yesterday at a Target store. I don´t know anything about it.

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I have both loquat and Indain hawthorn. Loquat have much larger leaves and are trees while I. H. are small leaved and shrubs here. Loquat fruit are about the size of a plum or smaller and are yellow when ripe while I.H. are small pea sized berries and black.
Hope that helped a bit. Now for a cutting ;-> HA.

Seriously I am interested in what you have. Maybe a pic just to smooth over my curious nature?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Coppertone is a hybrid, probably between R. indica 'Majestic Beauty' and one of the other copperleaved loquats, I am not sure which one. Photinia doesn't come into this picture.

I think if you do some research, you will find that intergeneric crosses are all over the place in agriculture and ornamental horticulture.

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i just bought one two months ago-not because i was looking for one but because of its fragrance. the whole nursery stunk of this plant. i brought it home and put it in the backyard and could smell it from the street.this one plant, about 2 1/2 ft tall easily out stinks the four gardinias i have and the jasmine. i live in manteca, ca. the flowers lasted about 2-3 weeks-no fruits-bees and bugs love it. i have lilacs, jasmines, gardinias, and other smelly plants/trees but this is the one i cant wait for to bloom again. i haven't found anything on the net about how good this smells so here it is- this plant is extremely fragrant

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Last summer, I bought one on Craig's list from someone who did not want it, and I'm wondering if it bears any fruit in Zone 8B. It had lots of flowers in the spring then we had the late freeze and no fruit showed up this year.

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