cheerpeopleJune 1, 2008


It was a nice tall plant outside. I didn't measure it, but later ( as a submerged houseplant inside) it was measured at 6 1/2 ft tall for the tallest stalks.

By then end of 8 months inside it is needing to go back out. I battled scale all winter( which it came with when I bought it)- I think I might have finally won.

I also added a shorter variety- umbrella type- to the show. We had a lot of wind yesterday. It broke half the tall papyrus stalks. It didn't cause any damage to the shorter umbrella type.


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Hi Karen,
Glad to hear that your papyrus overwintered ok, I bet by now it's already starting to shoot up some healthy new fronds. I don't think there's anywhere in the house I could have overwintered one that big.

Have you ever tried to propagate it with cuttings?

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