Plants for sunny river's edge??

TyteFystedFolkieJune 18, 2004


I'd like some ideas for plantings that will help secure the rich silty aluvium that accumulates on the inside (low energy) edge of a river bend. The site gets ample sunshine. Presently, the space is overrun with Silky Dogwood (Cornus amomum)....a species which has received very little mention on this web, and perhaps, deservedly so.....a very invasive plant, which, tho it does, indeed, secure the soil, it also renders the space useless because of its growth habit, ie, it grows like a briar.


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I can think of 2 nice candidates! Skunk cabbage. Bold foliage and extremely early flowers (such as they are) and ostrich fern. spreads like mad via stolons and loves the situation your speaking of.

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