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dosperrosOctober 22, 2006

I have been having bird problems for the last few years and aside from putting bird netting over everything I grow in my vegetable garden I haven't been able to discourage them.At first I thought it was quail until I started watching closely and now I find it's small sparrow like birds that love newly emerged seedlings,especially winter crops like spinach and collards,but they also eat fully grown plants down to nothing when exposed.Anyone have any ideas how to keeep them away?

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Bird netting .... or a shotgun

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Today you will discover many different choices on the market when it comes to bird's control. There are repellent products that stop birds from landing on certain special areas, bird deterrents that scare birds away from places and repellent sprays that it will stay far away from. There are several other bird repellent options available today to you. Natural repellent granules put off a smell that repels birds and if they're eaten by other animals it won't hurt them.

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