Begonia dregei 'Tweedle Dee'

chuwuti(6b/7a)April 17, 2013

I have had this begonia for about two years, and while it is still alive and growing leaves, it is also still dropping leaves. It never has very many leaves--currently it has 8 leaves on three little branches, and yesterday it had 10, so it dropped two leaves overnight.

The caudex is about 1.5" in diameter. Total height is about 2".

I've had it in a bonsai pot. For the past few months, I've increased the watering, because it dropped ALL its leaves when I let it dry out too much. I actually put it in a terrarium for awhile instead until it began growing leaves again, though I removed it after reading that it doesn't like things too moist.

I'm really frustrated with this plant. It's surviving, but it isn't thriving. What do I need to be doing differently??

Thanks for any suggestions! Sandy

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How's it doing? It is so small are you sure it isn't under-potted? A few months ago there was a long discussion on the Houseplant Forum about this type of growth. If you find the site it's worth reading.

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